Resolutions2 , located in Huntington, WV, is a multi-faceted women's center developed by women to address the needs of all women, but, in particular, those very special Sharirequirements women have after undergoing significant changes to their bodies.

Hair loss, cancer, and autoimmune diseases are all hard to live with on their own. Then add in the daily struggle to make your personal appearance look normal. That is why Resolutions2 exists. I wanted a beautiful place that felt more than a mere shopping experience, a boutique and salon where no one would make anyone feel embarrassed or guilty, only welcomed and understood.

Our salon is designed for complete privacy, like you’d find in the old days. You will have your own room where you will feel comfortable. We share in your trials because we have experienced hair loss and cancer ourselves: we do know how you feel.

We collect gently used mastectomy products, wigs and headwear for donation to the American Cancer Society for ladies without insurance. We donate over 10% of our income to the WV Breast and Cervical Cancer Diagnostic & Treatment Fund, and various local organizations. We also assist teen girls in our area who cannot afford wigs. 
Shari Messinger
Products & Services

Permanent Makeup
Eyebrows & Eyeliner     Areola & Nipple

Bras and Speciality Bras
 (Fitted by a Certified Bra Fitter)
All Bra Sizes: 32 - 56      AA to M Cups

Cooling Bras       Mastectomy Bras
T-Shirt & Tank Tops with Built-In Bras

Hair Replacement
Full or Partial Wigs
Speciality Headwear

Large Cup

Recovery Garments      Radiation Garments
 Breast Prostheses      Breast Shapers

Custom Breast Prostheses

Salon Services
for Women with Fine Thin Hair